Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Brave Cartoonists

I sit here considering if it is worth for me to post the Danish cartoons that so “offend” (a laughable position from a religion that encourages decapitation) muslims. I will because of a comment by Hugh Hewitt. Let me quote directly:

“Cartoonists seeking to offend need to be defended against violence, but they don't deserve praise and certainly not praise for their gift to the jihadists.”

I felt like screaming when I read this. Ok, here is why they deserve praise. Potential consequences. When you publish, write or demonstrate against a Christian, Jew, or any western institution (like that Tom the Tool cartoon) you face ridicule and criticism. When you do it against a Muslim you face DECAPITATION.

When you call GWB a tyrant you are called loony (or celebrated for your “bravery”), if you go to Cuba and call Fidel an asshole you face imprisonment.

Not brave. No consequences.

Brave. Consequences

Retarded. No consequences

Brave. Consequences

And so endeth the lesson.


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