Sunday, May 01, 2005

Range Report: TAURUS 24/7

Its finally here. At least here in my greedy little hands. Its Taurus latest example of cloning technology: the Taurus 24/7. A bit of back ground. I have small hands for a man ( therefore the pun about greedy little hands) and most large cap autos feel awkward in my hands. I have been firing a Beretta mini-cougar 8045. Although a very well done weapon, if a bit over engineered, it’s too wide to fit me comfortably and has an 8 round capacity. Hardly a large capacity pistol. As luck would have it, a few months ago I spotted a Taurus millennium at a gun show (ELGS). The fit was superb (the gun and to my hand) but it suffered from a critical lack of accessory rails. I then spotted a 24/7 at my local gun shop, but in the weenie euro cartridge. The fit to my hand was just as good as the millennium, it has a standard picatinny rail and comes in 9mm (yuck), .40 and .45 ACP (oh yeah) so I was willing to risk ordering a PT 24/7 in the manlier round, in a blue finish. Did I mention that it is a 12+1 capacity pistol? Anyway, enough ranting, to the range…

This range day I was accompanied by several co-workers and friends. The hardware was rather impressive: From an M-4 carbine, a Bennelli super 90 to several glocks and sigs. The Taurus was generally regarded by everyone who fired with one word: sweet! Most were very impressed to how narrow the pistol is even with the large capacity mags. The fit was very tight from the box and rounds grouped easily inside a 3x5 at 15 yards. After 400 rounds, we experienced only one failure to fire. It was clearly caused by a too new magazine spring pushing the 12th round against the bottom of the slide. The recoil was not bad, considering this is a very light polymer weapon. A bit worst than my Beretta cougar, but I did fire 200 rounds myself so a bit of hand wear was to be expected. Assembly and disassembly is fairly straight forward if a bit tricky the first time. All in all, a keeper.